Best Western Make-over

I love this re-design of a Best Western in LA, I would totally stay here!!
Not only is this the closest hotel to the Hollywood sign but it also features the 101 Coffee Shop, which has been graced by James Dean, Mötley Crüe, Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt—to name but a few—and featured in the movie Swingers. Ok, I admit none of that is particularly impressive in Hollywood. But what is impressive is the incredible renovation the hotel recently went through, by Koning Eizenberg Architecture with the signage effort being headed up by Newsom Design.
Newsom clothed the building with a dot pattern resembling old klieg movie lights which is mirrored in the louvers on the building’s facade. They also kept the “Last Cappuccino Before the 101” mural which was (illegally) painted on the side of the building, creating an experience that captures the essence of 1950s Southern California while bringing the hotel into a chic new era.